Never give up it's such a wonderful life We like party †
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Östermalm levererar #🙀 #cheesecake #oreo#oreodream #chai #mm #fika @sofiemardh

was looking through my moms old postcard collection and found this, a paper her old boyfriend from way back when had given to her 

Solkatt. Cred: @lovisanordhh
Im one of the smart girls again #noblondenomore

lovisawoo asked: Oh jag förstår nu. >Update ur bio duh


lovisawoo asked: Hur är Marocko btw?

Vet ej

lovisawoo asked: Ohm I'm so stupid I get it now or What Do u mean WHERE IS THE BUTTON I PRESS TO UPDATE IT or like How should I update it

I dont get it

2 favs #hpforever #ohyes

lovisawoo asked: gurl u aint 18 no more. u should update yo tumblrh /sis